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A Note Above

Wordpress Plugin | WP Admin Dashboard Widget

Leave Notes on the WP Admin Dashboard Panel

Working in a large team with a diverse portfolio of websites can make communication about a specific site challenging.

A Note Above was developed as a solution to this issue. Now you can leave notes on the WP Admin Dashboard!

It can be easy to over look a spreadsheet on the Google Drive when on assignment for another task. With A Note Above you only have to check the Dashboard!

Now you have a specific location on site that you can leave for non secure information.
Note: This is not a place to store your site’s, or any other account’s, passwords or security information. Any security information should be kept offsite in a secure location.

Private Notes

A Note Above allows you to keep any note completely private. Each note comes with visibility settings that allow you to choose on how to share each note or to keep it hidden to other authors. 

Team Notes

Share notes to all your team members or only to team members of a certain role. A Note Above utilizes WordPress’s Roles and Capabilities, so any note that is visible to a certain role will also be visible to the role above them . When you share a note to Editors, for example, Admins will also be able to view this note as they share the same capabilities. Contributors and Subscribers however would not be able to view this example note. 

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