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A Word About Me and My Inspirations  

Professionally I’m a WordPress nerd who enjoys complex problems and simple solutions. My passion is learning to extend WordPress through plugins to achieve my goals. I have a strong desire to increase my coding and best practice skills. A team atmosphere is my environment for success. I thrive on working hard while coordinating with each of my team members to deliver a high quality product. By being able to multi-task, encouraging light heartedness in others and nurturing the entire team to develop and broaden their own design and coding knowledge, the work my team has been able to produce is higher quality and developed with cutting edge technologies and standards. Personally I’m, shockingly enough, also a huge nerd. A huge nerd who’s been waiting for all of these comic book adaptations and Star Wars sequels since I was 9. It’s about time. I’m a Wyoming boy who followed the Oregon Trail to the promised land of plenty. The Pacific Northwest has definitely taken root in my heart. I love exploring all the trails and forests Oregon and Washington have to provide. It’s just so damn photogenic. Currently I’m employed at City Ranked Media. I feel really good about the work we do and the amount of leads we bring our clients. There are SEO companies who aren’t as diligent to best practices or conversion strategies like City Ranked. It’s a great pleasure to work with the one’s who care enough about their clients to get it right.

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