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Admin Loaded Display

Have you ever needed to see if your scripts are loaded? Or, to see if a custom stylesheet is enqueued?

I have… a lot.

While working on various sites, I have repeatedly found myself looping through all the enqueued scripts and/or styles in a WordPress site installation to the error log.

When optimizing, debugging, or troubleshooting a site I often wish I could have a simple tool to help me, instead of loading a looping script into the functions.php files. So, I made a WordPress plugin called Admin Loaded Display that could determine which styles are enqueued.

Since using the new tool, website administration has been a lot easier.

When using the Admin Loaded Display plugin you can see your scripts and styles in a list. It’s easy to view what assets are loading page per page with only a click of a button.

Before I used the plugin, I would look the page source code or check the loaded resources in DevTools but, this process not the most streamlined. If you have Admin Loaded Display installed, those assets are just a click away no matter where you page is positioned.

Here are some of the ways I now use Admin Loaded Display:

  • Custom Script Development
    See the names of the scripts and styles you have enqueued. Check to see if your custom script is loaded where you expect.
  • Post Launch Optimization
    Check your high traffic pages to ensure scripts or styles are being loaded that don’t need to be. This tool can help you dequeue and deregister scripts or styles on certain pages.
  • Theme & Plugin Update Related Errors
    missing scripts or content sometimes doesn’t result in 404s because they are never loaded. This tool allows you to see if scripts have been loaded at all or if there are scripts that have loaded that shouldn’t be firing.

If you’re ready to install the plugin on your own site, you can find it here and upload it manually.
You can also search for it on the plugins library under “Admin Loaded Display.”

After activation, the Admin Loaded Display plugin adds the button “Display Loaded Scripts” into the admin bar. If you don’t have your admin bar activated you will have to activate the admin bar in your profile in order to take advantage of Admin Loaded Display.

That’s it!

Demystify the loaded code with Admin Loaded Display.

If you have any questions about the plugin, please send me a message on my contact page.