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Josh Brown Designs Blog

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.
Welcome to the beginning.
I have decided to start a blog to help educate, inform, and relay lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes. Assuredly, dear reader, you have been in a bind where you could use some words of wisdom. I consider myself a smart guy, but there are times when I need a message to be completely spelled out to me. We have all been there, right?
This blog’s main theme will be web design and front end web development. Topics will cover various elements, including WordPress tips and tutorials as well as some other handy knowledge that may gently fall outside of that scope.
I think the most important lesson to be had in this field is one of two parts:

  1. Keep Calm
  2. Keep Trying

Patience is key to any skill, as is persistence. It seems that these ideas have been around even from the early days of computer science. The word ‘hacker’ came from MIT as a reference to attacking computer problems in creative and innovative ways.  ref

With those values in mind I want this place to be one of curiosity. A place to nurture ideas by sharing helpful techniques and problem solving strategies. My goal is to help develop ideas more quickly and efficiently.
Only through the sharing of ideas can creativity and knowledge truly prosper. I look forward to hearing feedback and continuing my education and best practice knowledge. We can make the web better through curiosity and uninhibited imagination.  
Stay Curious]]>