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Finally! The Perfect iPhone Keyboard


This keyboard has it all. The feature that I’m most excited about, searchable Emoji’s

Searchable Emoji’s

Have you ever wanted to enter that perfect emoji but just could find it? Scrolling through the hundreds of emojis can be a tedious task, especially if you’re like me and love to augment your texts frequently with emojis.
searchable emoticons
That problem is a thing of the past. Now you can search the emoji’s!! And even some emoji’s appear as suggested text!


This keyboard also comes with the swiping functionality. This feature allows you to hold down your finger and ‘swipe’ the characters of your desired word. While this isn’t a perfect solution, autocorrect still does have some very interesting interpretations and predictions, it seems to have a better success rate of choosing the intended word.
While this has been a functionality that has been available for third-party keyboard apps for sometime, Apple still has yet to join the game.

Word Prediction

Recommended words are new to the iPhone as of the 6 however the GBoard takes it one step further with by adding emoji’s to your predicted words.

Google Search

What would a Google product be without Google Search? That’s right, you can search google from inside your keyboard. Gone are the days of switching apps to find that amazing link you want to share with your friends.
gboard google search example

GIF Search

Along with emoji search and google search comes GIF search. Now you have access to the newest internet memes. You can enjoy the newest Nick Cage meme without the addition of yet another app/keyboard to implement.gboard-search-example-gif-search

Reality Check

Sure, there are some drawbacks.
Since this is Google search you can bet that all your queries are being monitored by the big metric collector in the sky. However, for a lot of folks this is a non-issue.
Also, there is no microphone option, so for those dictation addicts, that is a no-go.
The app crashes from time to time. You’ll have to select the Gboard specifically on keyboard load nine times out of ten.
The shortcomings aside, Google has done what it’s guiding principle is, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. It’s given us a keyboard that we all, or at least I, have wanted for sometime now.]]>